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A unique place where everyone is welcome...

Slate Cafe was built by our family for yours. Like a clean slate, in 1992,

our family migrated from Vietnam to Perth with a dream of building a better life.


Fast forward to 2015 over dinner in the farm house across from Slate Cafe,

we six proclaimed coffee snobs (three brothers and their three wifeys) dreamt up the idea for Slate.


A year later (after lots of planning, designing and building!) we brought Slate Cafe to life.

The vision was to create a space everyone could enjoy as their second home and we hand crafted

every piece of wood, laid every tile and created every recipe carefully from scratch.


We couldn’t be prouder and more excited to share our love of good, honest food

and great coffee with you.


With an indoor and outdoor playground, an enclosed dog playground and a large grassed picnic area,

we want you to come and make yourself at home in our special pocket of the Swan Valley.

Kid friendly.

Paw friendly.



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